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Our team will give you a warm welcome upon arrival and instantly make you feel like part of the SEC family. Here is a few words from all of them:

Enrique Jiménez Figueroa

General Director & Teacher

Enrique Jimenez is the Director of the Spanish Experience Center and over the years has become the personality of the school as well. Enrique was born in the city of Cuernavaca, where he also studied and earned degrees in International Business as well as Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from the Uninter University of Cuernavaca.

More about Enrique

He moved to Puerto Vallarta in the summer of 2005 to become the General Director of the Spanish Experience Center and sometimes a teacher as well. Enrique’s passion for teaching Spanish, especially beginners and conversation classes, has allowed him to meet hundreds of people from all over the world. One of his great joys is learning of his students’ cultures while teaching them about his.
As all former students know, Enrique has two dogs who come to work at the school each day named Charro and Gayla, who he walks every afternoon and, occasionally takes them to one of the many beautiful beaches near the school. Music, dancing and exploring Puerto Vallarta’s dynamic culture is a part of Enrique’s life that he shares with “the equipo” (equipo means team), a great group of locals, students and teachers who have all become great friends. Enrique’s weekend excursions with the equipo have become famous all around the world and he considers the equipo to be his Puerto Vallarta family.
Enrique believes that his greatest personal satisfaction comes from his students achieving proficiency in understanding, writing and expressing themselves in Spanish.

Saraí Ramírez

Director of Studies & Teacher

My name is Saraí Ramírez Fernández, I have a degree in Teaching Spanish with a specialization in Hispano-American History at Uninter University in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Cuernavaca is where I am from originally and is located just one hour south of Mexico City. I have been working at the Spanish Experience Center for 9 years and it is a great experience: I have had the chance to meet very interesting people from many different countries…

More about Saraí

I love my job. I love to live in such a beautiful, safe and quiet place, like Puerto Vallarta, surrounded by the ocean and the mountains.
I like to read historical novels or magical realism novels, information about other countries and to share cultural and historical information about Mexico with my students.
These 9 years I have been in Puerto Vallarta so far have really been wonderful ones.

Laura Vázquez

Teacher & DELE Trainer

Hola! My name is Laura and I was born in Mexico City. There I studied Physics and Mathematics for one year, because I really like maths. But I also love history and culture, so I decided to change my major to sociology at the Metropolitan Independent University.

More about Laura

I then lived in the town of Mérida (close to Cancún), where the mayan culture fascinated me. There I studied and worked as a kindergarden teacher.

Later on I moved to Guadalajara, the capital city of the state of Jalisco, which is the cradle of Mariachi and tequila. There I studied education science at the UNIVA University and started to teach high school. I also was a teacher for middle-school and high school for adults.

When I was studying English in a language school I was invited to teach Spanish as a Second Language, and for the first time I enjoyed the pleasure of meeting people from foreign countries and teaching them my language.

I currently live in this paradise that is Puerto Vallarta and I love sharing it with our visitors and teaching them not only the language but the history and culture of Mexico which is so incredibly rich, as well!

Jovanny Marcos Bobadilla Rejón


My name is Jovanny Marcos Bobadilla Rejón, I was born in Puerto Vallarta. I have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for 9 years. I am a lawyer and graduated from the University of Guadalajara, where I am currently studying my second degree in education. I love my job as a Spanish teacher, because it allows me to meet students from all over the world, who end up becoming friends after a while. Working for Spanish Experience Center is very nice because the atmosphere is very laid-back. I love Puerto Vallarta, it has all it take to really be paradise: beach and mountains, which provide the perfect contrast to study Spanish.

Susana Chávez

Head of Administration

If you’ve been to the Spanish Experience Center even once, you know how wonderful Susana Chavez is and how important she is to the SEC family. Susy is from El Grullo, a lush agricultural town situated in a mountain-rimmed valley in Jalisco southwest of Guadalajara. She has been living in Puerto Vallarta for 11 years and working at the Spanish Experience Center for 10 years…

More about Susana

According to Susy, working for SEC is like working from home, with her colleagues and students feel like family and the hacienda campus feels like her home. It is clear from being around Susy the pleasure she takes in being able to contribute to sharing the Mexican Culture with the students from around the world.
Susy takes great satisfaction in the fact that year after year, the majority of our students return to live the SEC experience once more. It is important to her that not only the students have an opportunity to live a study abroad experience, but she also gets to enjoy a day by day multicultural experience, receiving students from all over the world.

“All of this achievement is possible thanks to our amazing team and the confidence of all the people who chose us for being the best option to learn Spanish in Puerto Vallarta.”

Eva Kopečková

Marketing and Agencies Coordinator

Hola, hola, hola, my name is Eva Kopeckova and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. I am in charge of Marketing  and Social media of the school. Many years ago I fell in love with Mexico and it all started in its heart Guanajuato where I took my first Spanish course.

Spanish, new friends from all over the world, mexican culture, spicy food, wild country, adventure and positive energy of mexican people were the main reasons why I always wanted to live in Mexico.

More about Eva

It took me nearly 10 years to come back but it was worth it. I felt like I am coming back home. I love beautiful places and that is why I chose sunny and safe Puerto Vallarta. New friends, excellent teachers, sun, fresh coco, beatiful hidding beaches, Botanic garden, El Campanario, bars, tacos del Carboncito with all of that you will have the best memories and what is the best! You will speak Spanish!
Trust me, I know what I am talking about.

I will always be coming back to Guanajuato, trying to know more new places of Mexico,
enjoying life in Puerto Vallarta but of course I still know where I come from : ).

So, my message to all of you:
„Live your life and live your dreams. It can all start with us.

Rojelio Granda

Teacher & DELE Trainer

Hello everyone! I was born in the city of Cuernavaca in the State of Morelos.
This whole adventure started back in 1996 when, at a very large school, I became a Spanish conversation teacher. There at the same school, I also began studying toward a dual degree in Spanish Education and Latin American History. In the summer of 1997 I gave my first Spanish class…

More about Rojelio

and I’ve been teaching ever since. Today I have more than 18 years of experience teaching Spanish. I have worked in different schools and have utilized new and distinct teaching methods in order to facilitate the learning of my students.
These days I split my time between Guanajuato and Puerto Vallarta working for two schools, and I also teach classes online.
I have extensive experience teaching all levels of Spanish, preparing students for the DELE exam (teaching Spanish as a second language), and even instruction in specialized medical terminology. Finally, I also provide training to current and aspiring Spanish teachers, by teaching them the modern methods and techniques that I have learned over the years and continue to use with my students to this day.

Román Vilchis

Teacher & DELE Trainer

Hey! My name is Román and I was born in León, Guanajuato.
I’ve been teaching for fifteen years now and have worked for four different Spanish schools: Falcón, Don Quijote and Plateros Spanish Schools in Guanajuato and Spanish Experience Center inPuerto Vallarta, in addition to a school for executive secretaries (Manuel Leal)…

More about Román

I’ve taught literature, film, and culture and am trained as a certified teacher to give DELE by the Instituto Cervantes. I have also held the post of curator of communication and have worked as a translator of descriptive projects and letters for Spanish language schools, in addition to doing freelance work as a translator on projects with foreigners (Keith MFG.CO. walking floor unloader).
Peace out!

Patricia Jacobo Arroyo


If you’ve been to the school, you’ve had the chance to try Patty’s delicious food. Every day during your lunch break, Patty prepares “el almuerzo” for students and the staff. She also makes sure the school is clean and well-stocked for you to have the most comfortable stay with us. Originally from Veracruz, Patty has lived in various parts of the country, and has been in Puerto Vallarta for several years now. She is the sweetest and most caring cook you will find!