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Listen to what our students have to say about their experience studying Spanish in Puerto Vallarta!

Jutta, from Austria, tells us about her experience at the school, during her last day on Friday, 21st August 2015.

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Marc is from Zurich and tells us about his experience with us in the 3 months he spent here at the beginning of 2015.

Watch Simon, from Zurich, share his vision of a stay at SEC (and if you speak German, listen to what he has to say, too :)!)

Claude, from Québec, tells us everything about studying Spanish in Puerto Vallarta. En français!

Latin Queen of Comedy Lisa Alvarado studied Spanish at SEC and she gives you a tour of the school. Remember to check her website!

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Sneak a peek at our weekly cooking classes. ¡Buen provecho!

As I am working in development aid, I do need Spanish to communicate with our projects in Latin America. I discovered the Spanish Experience Center while making holidays in Puerto Vallarta 2 years ago. So when I planned my education, SEC was the first choice. I spent one month in Puerto Vallarta last December, my language skills improved dramatically, I met new friends and could enjoy my hobbies fishing and surfing. The staff and teacher were wonderful, I will never forget Christmas and New Year’s eve at Enrique’s house.

Thomas, 41, Switzerland

Thomas KochDec. 21st 2015 - Jan. 15th 2016, Switzerland

If you’re toying with even the faintest notion of learning Spanish in Mexico just DO IT! You will not be sorry. I’ve taken language classes in many cities throughout Mexico and have enjoyed them all but SEC is my favorite. This is my second year and I’m planning my next. I liked the location which is central; easy to get to from wherever you’re staying. Not to mention the additional perk of doing homework on the beach with a margarita just a few blocks away! The building, originally a home, is perfectly suited as a school and absolutely lovely. The school even has a cocinera, Pati, who made our lunches which were eaten family style (as all good meals should be enjoyed!) during our lunch break. Brilliant and inexpensive! More important than the location and physical beauty of the school are the maestros and they are the best I’ve had anywhere! After your first week you will count them as your friends and after your second week you’ll be planning your next trip to Puerto Vallarta to visit them again AND to learn more Spanish while you’re at it. You can’t go wrong with Spanish Experience Center. 

Nancy JohnsonMar. 20th - Apr. 2nd, Montana, USA

“I spent a week on a one-to-one executive course at the Spanish Experience Center. They were able to tailor the course precisely to my needs and provide a very useful week for further improving my Spanish. The quality of the instruction was excellent.”

William WisemanMar. 20th - April 2nd 2016, Mexico City

Amis de SEC, janvier 2016 a été pour moi la cinquième expérience pour apprendre l’espagnol. Les 4 premières fois étaient une session avec d’autres étudiants mais cette année, j’étais seul en cour privé. Belle expérience. Un professeur seulement pour moi. Beaucoup plus de temps pour parler et pratiquer. Surtout pour parler! Un mot mal prononcé et elle me reprenait. J’ai adoré et je le conseille à tous. Beaucoup plus rapide mais avec une base de la langue espagnole. Belle équipe a cette école!!! Merci à Saraí (Mi maestra privada).

Claude GamacheJan. 4th - 8th, 2016, Québec, Canada
Completed my 100 hours of Spanish language classes today!! I highly highly recommend the Spanish Experience Center in #puertovallarta if you’re thinking of taking classes. The teachers are phenomenal and they do so many activities to make sure you have a great experience..hence the name. Today after class on of the teachers (Jovanny….muchas gracias!!) was nice enough to go above and beyond and drive 4 us out to San Sebastian where we visited an organic coffee plantation, had a traditional and absolutely delicious dinner, walked around town, and finished with some hot chocolate and jenga. […] What a wonderful day!
Chelsea SchmittOct. 12th – Nov. 6th, 2015, USA
Creo que esta escuela es muy especial. Como una familia. Voy a regresar.
Paul HaysOct. 5th – 9th, 2015, USA
Muchas gracias SEC por las ultimas 8 semanas:) además estoy muy feliz con mi nueva colección de plumas! Hasta pronto!
Angela DaliAug. 10th – Oct. 2nd, 2015, Switzerland
I was grateful to have joined the spanish learning centre. Everyone was so friendly even though I dived in with no Spanish skills whatsoever! All the teachers were super nice and patient with me. Not only that but they were always doing fun stuff and getting right amongst the real culture of Mexico which was a refreshing change to Hostel life.
Chris PembertonSept. 14th – 18th, 2015, New Zealand

My whole experience at the school was positive and inclusive. The staff and students were interesting and helpful.

Joel BibleJuly 12th – 17th, 2015, Texas, USA
“Yo pienso que los maestros aquí saben mucho de la enseñanza de español. Yo he asistido muchas escuelas de español y pienso que esa escuela es la mejor. Entiendo mucho mejor los detalles de gramática. Recomendaré la escuela a otras personas.” (I think that the teachers here know a lot about teaching Spanish. I have attended many Spanish schools and I think that this school is the best. I understand grammar details a lot better. I will recommend the school to other people.”
Angela HellerJuly 6th – 17th, 2015, USA

I really enjoyed my time here. People are very friendly and willing to help. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Jessica LantzMay 11th – June 19th 2015, California, USA

I’ve been very happy all the time I was at the school here, all the teachers and all the people who work were very nice and kind. I’ve learned a lot in only 10 days of school at Spanish Experience 🙂

Nadia Fehr11th – 22nd May 2015, Switzerland
Saraí – EXCELLENT! The best professional, prepared, excellent explanations, assignments, etc.

Enrique – EXCELLENT! Corrected me every time and kept the class going the entire time! Fantastic conversation.

Diana – Excellent when on! I understand that she was distracted for a part of my time here – and so that took a bit away from the experience. Though when she is on she is very good!

Emma BaileyMarch 30th – April 17th 2015, New Mexico, USA
“What a great Spanish school! My last class was just two days ago, but I’m already home and missing it. I’m consumed by a desire to spread the word about how nice the Spanish Experience Center really is!
My teacher, Sarai, is an exceptional college-trained professional. She’s a skilled teacher who takes the teaching of Spanish VERY seriously, and she is so personable! I will miss her. The other teachers here are surely of the same high caliber. For example, I got to know Diana a little as she led the art walk. What a great attitude! And every day I spoke with Susana who was always available, and smiling! I know her English is excellent, but like everyone, she focuses on speaking Spanish knowing that that is what we students are hoping for. Everyone smiles here! It was a lot of fun and I really need to figure out a time to go back. I have not been any other Spanish schools outside of the US, but I can’t imagine a better one. The only negative that I can think of is that they didn’t have anything for sale with their name on it. I found myself wanting a remembrance like a T-shirt, notebook, or paperweight with their name and funky logo on it. They seem so focused on teaching that they don’t have such things. But they gave me a pen on the first day, so that and my memories will have to suffice….AND of course my improved language skills!”
Buell Ish13th – 17th April 2015, California, USA
I am pleased with everything here at SEC. The teachers are amazing, young, full of life and each have their own style of teaching which helped me because I had the privilege of working with each teacher.

I came to SEC with almost zero knowledge of Spanish and leave with an intermediate education.

I also appreciated how the school partakes in outside activities and enjoyed a few adventures while practicing what I have learned.

I look forward to continuing my studies next year!
Thank you!

Rob ManuelNovember 2014 – March 2015, Toronto, Canada

I think your name is very well named, as I had wonderful educational, cultural and social experience here. ¡Voy a practicar mucho y regreso!

Paul HaysMarch 2nd – 6th 2015, New York, USA
Both teachers spoke English but very little. They only did so when there was no other means that could quickly enforce a translation – which was very effective. As the course continued, the English became less and almost non-existent.
I found great value in the school and was impressed with the quality of teachers they have. I have learnt a lot and have much valuable information in my “cuaderno” that will assist me in my continued learning as I return home.
I had a great time learning and plenty of good laughs along the way. I’m so glad I chose this school. The experience was incredible.
Cory DyckFeb. 16th – March 13th 2015, Winnipeg, Canada